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Posted 10 months ago

Alpha 1.6 

You know it probably already, we have C-Wars Alpha 1.6 ready-to-play here: 


It’s the PC version, feel free to contact us if you have something in mind ;)

Oh, I’m polishing the 1.6.3, we will release it very soon

Loup the coder

Posted 10 months ago
What happened to Crystalides? Can't seem to find it anywhere..
thisisablogthatblogsstuff asked

Crystalides was cancelled at its beta stage. It’s a never-released-game. Hopefully we can re-open the project someday. 

Thanks for asking!

Posted 10 months ago
will there be any multiplayer?
cheeserulz asked

There will be a PvP mode like fighting game. We can’t confirm the real multiplayer mode now. 


Posted 10 months ago
Hi, I saw and got to meet some of the team at Fan Expo. I'm a huge fan of C-Wars and can't wait to download it for my 3DS. Really, it's looking awesome. Just out of curiosity though, as someone who isn't playing it on PC or Android, what kind of special features are being put onto the consoles it's being released on? (PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U)
childishhero asked

We can’t confirm it for now coz we make the PC version first. But we will make sure to pickup the special feature which fits the game the most for each console version. 

Posted 10 months ago
Hi Onipunks ! I will begin my own game dev and I wanted to know which tools and lagages you're using to make C-Wars. Thanks you very much if you answer and thank you very much anyway for working on a such thrilling project =)
niksune asked

Thanks! Well we coded the game in Java. We use firework to design and make pixel animations, then we pass them thru our tool kits to get the game data. At prog side, we use Eclipse as IDE. 

Hope that helps ;)

The Team ONI

Posted 1 year ago

1.4.5? Still?

Hello guys, coder Loup’s speaking. 

As you knew probably already, almost all activities/interactions with dev-team were moved to our backers-only forum which will be opened for public once we are closing BETA. And I totally forgot that I DO need to move some of these dev-logs from our Forum to Tumblr. Sorry about that. 

SO, 1.4.5 is NO MORE guys! We had 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, … Now we are having 1.5.5. We are gonna post 1.5.5 here. This version has some major improvements such as WASD control [PC], remade mine/drug functionality and mission selection, and it has MUUUUCH less bugs, coz I rewrote tons of stuff just to make sure we do have a clean native game for 3DS, PSV, WiiU and Steam version. 

So yeah, the project is approaching smoothly and surely to the final form. 

Sorry again not being able to write more here, but hey, if you are seeing the lead programmer can always find some time to write tweets or tumblr posts, it’s pretty much a bad sign. 

Anyway, I will become more active on social platforms.



Posted 1 year ago

Above:  Fenrir’s special weapon - Viblade (High-frequency vibration blade) concepts & drafts . It’s a design from three years ago.

Below:  Valky’s railgun, a test type from the Gwen Industry. Superb attack power, light-weight, and energy-saving. The cartridge clip, specially designed near the gun’s tail, provides more guideway space.

Posted 1 year ago

From Louiky Mu, Oni’s art director:

"How Fenrir’s concept art has been developed over the years. I first did his pencil outline in college. The pixel version of him was so tiny back then!"

Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago

Fenrir’s Special Weapon: Viblade (High-frequency vibration blade) concepts and drafts. It’s a design from 3 yrs ago.